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had started production for us."

More orders than your own production capacity can handle?
An order in unusual packaging? No capacity for a rush
order from a loyal customer? Ruiten Foodpack has the answer.

With our team of experienced employees and our state-of-the-art machinery, we can quickly and flexibly respond to
your (rush) packaging demands. Whatever your demand and no matter how short your lead time.

Our burden of proof

Not only do we have great production potential, we're also flexible and reliable, and deliver high quality products.
Cooking kettles

ranging from 200 kilos to 2000 kilos
for blending, mixing and cooking.
Filling lines

unlimited product types,
packaging types,
sizes and volumes
Filling stations

unlimited product types,
packaging types,
sizes and volumes
Labelling machines

from to wrap-around labels to three-sided labels - self adhesive and liquid glue - and everything in between.

Coconut oil packaged professionally and to high-quality standards

Are you looking for a professional, non-proprietary packaging company for your coconut oil filling needs?
Then we're here to help.

Curious about what else we can do for you?

We sleep at night

We have a wonderful profession, in all respects. I consider our biggest challenge to be the continuous optimisation of our production process.

I take my inspiration from our production reports, but I also regularly venture into the production facility myself. I'll take a good look at the process, check where it's slow, where it can be improved, where it can be made even easier for our employees. With the help of this input, we've already managed to introduce a great many optimisations, in cooperation with our machine builders. Our machinery is far from standard: It's completely Ruiten Foodpack-proof.


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