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You have developed a new product and are looking for the best professional introduction to the market, with the flexibility to scale up production when it suits you. Ruiten Foodpack will gladly use its knowledge, experience and network of professional suppliers to help you in this process. 

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  • We can provide advice on how to mechanise the production of your products, whilst retaining your authentic recipe.
  • We can provide advice about the best ingredients and packaging materials.
  • We’ll introduce you to marketing experts who can optimise how your product is presented on supermarket shelves.
  • We run trials runs, analyse the results and adjust the production specifications and packaging lines accordingly.

Would you like to purchase according to your needs, whilst benefiting from the expertise and cost advantages of a bulk consumer? Why not outsource the purchase of ingredients and packaging materials for your private label to Ruiten Foodpack? From all the seasonings you could possibly need, to bottles, caps, lids and boxes. The choice is yours.

Your own recipe is an important distinctive feature for your private label. However, preparing your own recipes in bulk has one major drawback: the transportation and storage costs for the entire product will always be higher than those of the individual ingredients. Ruiten Foodpack can solve this problem for you. 
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We have all the equipment required to mix all the ingredients you need for your private label: we can blend, mix and add the necessary flavours. In just the right quantities and in exactly the right order. With us, your recipe is in safe hands. We are a pure service provider and have no brands of our own.

Are you looking for a co-packer for support during peak periods, or do you want to completely outsource the packaging of your private label? In Ruiten Foodpack, you'll find a professional, reliable partner with state-of-the-art packaging lines. 
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We can package all conceivable products (wet, dry, powder) in jars, bottles and tetra in all possible volumes (from small batches to millions of units). We weigh, portion and fill your product with the greatest care. Your packaging units pass through various quality-control points during packaging, guaranteeing optimum quality.


Do you want to extend the shelf life of your private label in a responsible manner, without having to invest in the machines and knowledge required? Then Ruiten Foodpack is the place to be. We have spent over 135 years amassing knowledge about food preservation and pasteurisation, passing it from one generation to the next.


Your product’s presentation and appearance is no less important than the quality of the product. If you entrust the packaging of your private label to us, we’ll pay just as much attention to the inside of the product as to the exterior. We can label, code and package your product in whatever packaging you might prefer.


You don’t want to miss the boat when the orders come flying in, but you also want to keep stock and storage costs as low and manageable as possible. Ruiten Foodpack has a lot to offer in this regard.

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We can store and manage your stock of ingredients, packaging materials and finished products. This helps you shorten your lead time between production and delivery, and reduce the minimum stock required. We can also store products that are produced on a seasonal basis but delivered year-round, preparing them for shipment on demand. If desired, we can even organise logistics for you.

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