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"Specialist in costumized productions"

"We had an idea for a product and a recipe"

Ruiten Foodpack had the knowledge and capacity to produce it.

Are you....

Looking for the best way to package products for your own private label?
Looking for a packaging company who can purchase and maintain stock for you?
Looking for advice about your latest product idea?

Ruiten Foodpack is your partner.
From developing new products
to packaging and maintaining a stock,
we'll stand by your side and always find a fitting answer to your question.

Creating something brand new

Supporting our customers in the development of product innovations.

It's a creative process that always starts with a specific idea for a product. We'll then look at that idea from all perspectives. Our customers bring their knowledge about the market, we'll share our knowledge about products, packaging techniques and packaging. We take these ingredients and mix and blend them together.

The outcome is never set in stone, but believe me when I tell you that surprising new and feasible products have emerged from this process.

The outcome of a brainstorming session is always surprising

Your idea + our experience
the recipe for product innovations

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