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"Specialist in costumized productions"

Experience the world of

Experience the world of

Ruiten Foodpack

Ruiten Foodpack

Are you looking for...

Private Label

a packaging company that can also provide advice, make purchase or keep stock?


a fast, professional solution for your ad hoc packaging demands?


an independent certified packer for your branded products?

All services

Looking for additional services such as preparation, innovative packaging and efficient purchasing?


More than 135 years of experience
State-of-the-art machinery
Unlimited amounts, products and packaging options
Flexible and fast
Reliable and independent


BRC certificaat
BRC certificate
IFS certificaat

IFS certificate

BIO certificaat
BIO certificate
COKZ recognition
Kosher and Halal

Unlimeted in...

numbers, products and packaging

Product types

We can package all conceivable types of products:
wet, dry, oil, sauce, solid, liquid and pasty.

Types of packaging

We can use all conceivable materials for packaging:
glass, PET, HDPE, tetra en plastic.