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"Specialist in costumized productions"

Coconut oil

Filled professionally to high-quality standards

Are you looking for a proffessional, non-proprietary packaging for your coconut oil filling needs? Then Ruiten Foodpack is here to help.

Distinctive in quality and security

We have more than 15 years of experience with filling coconut oil, and possess all relevant certificates. Our filling process is distinctive in terms of quality and security.

Coconut filling specialist

  • 3 Filling lines with a total capacity of approximately 150.000 units per day.
  • We use a special pre-treatment technique.
  • We perform quality checks on all goods received.
  • We process oil from IBC containers, barrels and tankers.
  • We process all types of coconut oil: organic cold pressed, organic refined and conventional.

In all volumes and packaging

No matter the extent of your packaging demands, our storage, heating and filling capacity can handle every order, regardless of your preferred packaging type. Our burden of proof:

  • Storage capacity: more than 500 tonnes
  • Batch heating with electrically heated IBC: 20 tonnes
    Heatingroom: 100 tonnes
  • All conceivable packaging: from Pet, HPDE to glass
  • Standard packaging in stock

Coconut oil and beyond

In addition to coconut oil, we also process all kinds of other coconut-related products, such as coconut sugar, coconut cream, coconut chips, coconut shavings, coconut syrup, liquid coconut oil etc. 

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